Hashmonean High Five #3

This is the second time I’m taking an image fromĀ barking moonbat, but the skipper has tagged it with this:

Caption this Fire Team!

Now it doesn’t take very much for me to get my boots on and out of the bunker, so here we go..
Hashmonean High Five number three, they film it.. I caption it.

High Five #3

#5 Bird: ‘I still say go with the RPG, but hey.. You’re the one holding the gun’
#4 Bird: ‘I said NO headshots damnit!’
#3 Bird: ‘I’ll have you know, these “No Fly Zones” are REALLY starting to piss me off..’
#2 Bird: ‘BTW tough guy, just thought you should know.. your safety’s on.’
#1 Bird: ‘Cover Me.. I’m going in’

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