Europe welcomes HAMAS to Russia

Israel’s Government boxed in by its own weakness

Foreign Minister Livni is wrapping up her Paris, Vienna, London tour. To her credit she attempted to strongly word Israel’s position and reiterate the supposed Quartet position in relation to Hamas.

Disarm, renounce violence.
Recognize Israel and its right to exist.
Certify all previous agreements between Israel & the PA.

Unfortunately, the strategy continues to unravel.. The Council of Europe’s Secretary General was in Moscow today, and he welcomed the Hamas visit with Russia, and practically extended an invitation to meet with Hamas in EUROPE!

Mosnews: Council of Europe Secretary General has described Russia’s decision to invite delegation of Hamas militant group to Moscow as quite constructive.

Speaking to journalists in Moscow in Friday, Terry Davis said Hamas is legitimate since it won the recent Palestinian parliamentary elections.

A dialogue with Hamas members does not necessarily mean support for the movement’s stand, Interfax news agency quoted Davis as saying.

The head of the Council of Europe added that he did not rule out that a Hamas delegation might be invited to the Council of Europe headquarters in Strasbourg. It could happen, but so far no negotiations have been held on the matter, he said.

Hello! And just whom might the Council of Europe be?

About the Council of Europe
Origins and membership

The Council of Europe is the continent’s oldest political organisation, founded in 1949. It:
• groups together 46 countries, including 21 countries from Central and Eastern Europe,
• is distinct from the 25-nation European Union, but no country has ever joined the Union without first belonging to the Council of Europe,
• has its headquarters in Strasbourg, in north-eastern France.

«The aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its members…» Article 1 – Statute of the Council of Europe.

Debka adds: The erosion of the Middle East Quartet’s demands of Hamas – to recognize Israel renounce terror, disarm and acceptance make good on international accords – is advancing rapidly. Moscow as a member of the Quartet has led the way for international acceptance of an organization listed as terrorist and responsible for 60 suicide attacks on Israelis. Europe is on Moscow’s heels.

One the flip side: US Administration says all is hunky dory, but is it?

I watched US envoy David Welch brief US House members on American / Palestinian relations last night on c-span. There were some harsh remarks questioning the Bush Administration regarding aid to a Hamas led PA, Welch held the line saying no American money would reach Hamas.

Negotiate with Hamas

At one point a committee member asked Mr. Welch if it seemed wise to not have ANY dialog with Hamas, despite their unwillingness to meet basic requirements in regards to Israel. That such a strategy would only seem to result in a hardening of positions.

Welch replied that it was not only wise in his view, but nearly impossible for the US to have any dialog with Hamas, as doing so would break any number of US Laws in regards to dealing with Terrorist Organizations. Welch maintained the general idea that this position was being honoured by the Quartet, he was directly questioned about it, saying obviously American laws did not apply outside the US, but that consensus was holding..

The exact OPPOSITE position of Europe

Yet it appears perfectly clear that other Quartet members are prepared to have dialog with Hamas, after all Hamas is spending the weekend at the Kremlin. It also appears clear that despite any European nation’s individual laws against dealing with recognized Terrorist Organizations: European organizations see no problem whatsoever in the matter, as Hamas is now legitimate according to Terry Davis, representing the Council of Europe.

Olmert and Livni maintain all is well, CLEARLY all is not well.

Europe views Hamas as being perfectly legitimate, the mere act of being elected having apparently wiped the Terrorist nature clean from Hamas. It is no longer a Terror Organization, but a political body that merely needs to ‘clarify’ its positions, apparently they are welcome to visit Strasbourg and do so.

Just as Hitler was a legitimate elected leader, in the bile infested brains of European intellectuals, so too is Hamas a legitimate leader.. Both of their calls for Genocide, and their lust for the Murder in cold blood of Jews.. notwithstanding.

Money, recognition, support.. It all appears to be on the table in Europe.
At this rate, soon all that will be left to do for the appeasers of Europe is to lay down some railway lines, and sell a few large ovens.

Indeed, all is well in Eurabia.

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