The World according to Grucho: US Students learning Geography, Al Qaeda style

New World Order in the US Class Room

I knew that Academia has had a twisted stranglehold on students with a prominent maniacal left wing tinge, but this.. this off the charts!

Public High School Geography Nutjob

This teacher rattles off on Cuba, Iraq, Capitalism, Bush, Al Qaeda, and of course.. What radical left wing diatribe would be complete without a uniquely perverse understanding of Israel and the Palestinian conflict!? Join us for a lecture into the Twilight Zone..

Michelle Malkin has links to the story, the audio, has transcribed it (clearly you don’t want to cross this woman) and generally mystifies with her handle on the matter. Like sitting in class with Chomsky himself!

I’ve listened to this insane rant in almost awe of the sheer ignorance being forced fed students, who’s only salvation is apparently to have it reinforced again in ‘Higher Education..’
Best of all, this guy assures his class he’s only trying to broaden their minds, which is certainly very comforting.

Oy Vey.

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  • Shocked & Dismayed

    WOW! I had to hear it for myself! I listened to the voice recording of the Colorado geography teacher and almost hurled all over my keyboard. This guy is a real crackerjack! What’s worse is that he was making his students take notes, study and learn his “Woodstock propaganda” as fact! This teacher is a true enemy of the state! This nutjob is the type to pack up his bags, wrap a kefia around his head and share a bunkbed with the U.S. Taliban Tritor John Walker Lindh. What’s even more disturbing is that this anti-American brainwashing is standard practice at every level of institutional learning. Be afraid…be very afraid!