Only in Iran: Be a Martyr in the Jihad – Apply Online

No need to trouble yourself with the logistics..
Apply for Martyrdom Operations from the relative lack of comfort of your own Jihadi Home!
Over 50,000 satisfied potential killers..

Govt. sanctioned insanity, drive through style.

Iran Focus:

London, Mar. 01 – A state-organised group which avowedly trains suicide bombers against “Western infidels and Zionists” has launched a new website to recruit volunteers, Iran Focus has learnt.

The website has been set up by the Headquarters to Commemorate Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, an organisation set up by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in 2004.

Those who join are given three choices: To carry out suicide attacks against “the infidels occupying Iraq”, against Israel, or against Salman Rushdie.

The organisation now claims to have enlisted 53,900 people to carry out “martyrdom-seeking operations”. [...]

You can’t even make up stuff this crazy, believe me.. I’d try.

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