Escalation: Abbas confirms Al-Qaeda activity, Olmert pledges ‘Iron Fist’ against Terror

“We have intelligence information that al-Qaida is in the West Bank and Gaza. I am very concerned about this” – Abbas

The picture being painted by the Palestinians as a result of their blind eye and inaction to terrorism is becoming uglier by the day..

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told the Arab daily el-Hayat on Thursday that he has proof that al-Qaida cells have infiltrated, and are operating in the West Bank and Gaza.

“We have intelligence information that al-Qaida is in the West Bank and Gaza. I am very concerned about this,” said Abbas.

“If they succeeded in infiltrating in such a way, and if no one watches over them, the result could be disastrous for the entire region. The last piece of information I received on the subject was three days ago, but we still have not been able to lay our hands on the operatives,” he said. [...]

The concern he’s talking about regarding “disastrous” for the region was posted about in more detail here: Gaza Islamification, and here: Momentum building: 3rd Intifadah of violent resistance yesterday.

The two most senior men involved have both commented on the issue as lead stories today, the resolution will likely shape the Middle-East going forward a decade. It all boils down to the fact that Terrorists are about to be the internationally recognized Governors of the Palestinian people.

A Hamas spokesman responded to Abbass’s claim by saying that his organization has no intelligence information regarding al-Qaida cells in the West Bank or Gaza.

“If the things Abu Mazen (Abbas) said are true, the matter must be handled immediately,” he said.

Abbas, well aware of what the noxious mix of Hamas, other terror groups and Al Qaeda means..

Hamas’ quaint denial of knowledge will not impress Abbas or Israel for that matter. A potential mega attack directed at Israel would likely result in the end of the PA, or just as threatening..

Justified international or Israeli military intervention in Palestinian areas to counter a new and expanded global terror threat. An issue that could just as likely be brought before the United Nations by the State of Israel as justification for precisely the type of activity the Prime Minister has just pledged.

Olmert will use an IDF Iron FistOlmert has finally unshackled the IDF, ‘Iron Fist’ on terror.

clearly now, even with elections moderating his overall stance, the Intelligence warnings, the escalation in attacks, too much to simply allow for quiet or free passage, regardless of political affiliation, or polling consideration.


No one will be passing GO and collecting $200 this round..

JPOST: After the recent surge in terror attacks, Acting prime minister Ehud Olmert has instructed Israel’s defense forces to take all possible measures “with an iron fist and with no restrictions” in Israel’s ongoing battle against terrorist organizations.

After emerging on Thursday from a breakfast meeting with President Moshe Katsav that went more than half an hour beyond schedule, Olmert reiterated several times to reporters that Israel will do everything in its power to prevent the penetration of international terrorist forces and to halt the activities of terrorist elements in the region.

“We are escalating our war against terrorism,” he said. “There are no limits to the measures that our defense forces will take to prevent any outbreak of terrorism in any place. We will use all the means at our disposal to stop terrorists from harming the citizens of Israel. We will do everything that has to be done without hesitation.”

Up until now Kadima has been actively pursuing Islamic Jihad operatives, another was apprehended today in Jenin.

YNET Updates: A wanted Islamic Jihad member was detained by IDF soldiers in a village northwest of Jenin. He was taken into interrogation by security forces.

An open ended pledge by the Prime Minister allows the Defense Ministry to scale up responses, it is a shift in the rules of engagement. Anyone who now engages or involves themselves in the business of terror, may now find themselves targeted.

Qassam launching Rocketeer may well have just become the World’s most dangerous vocation.

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  • Sid

    Well it’s about freakin time that Olmert stepped up to the plate! He’s a little late in using his “Iron Fist”. It should have come down on Hamas long before to prevent them from being represented in the Palestinian general election. If he showed some cohones then, we would have never had to deal with this Al Qaeda situation in the first place. The terrorists think they have a carte blanche. Now that proverbial gloves have come off, lets hope Israel follows through and put them through the meat grinder. It’s time to clean house once in for all and show them it’s a mistake to think they could take advantage of the situation.

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