Momentum building: New Terror War, 3rd Intifadah of violent resistance forecasted?

- Comments from Israeli officials point to alarming rise of stabbings, and lower level attacks.
- Reports of advanced weapons streaming into Gaza and attempts to move them to the West Bank.
- Terror cells taking advantage of Gaza chaos.
- Hamas collaboration with Syria, Hezbollah, and chiefly a 250 Million dollar funding confirmation from Iran.
- Israeli Intelligence warnings.
- An international community apparently eagre to brush off PA inaction, a defacto reward to Terrorism.
- A new Terrorist Entity brewing in Israeli borders..

It all points to today’s Worldnet headline:

Officials predicting ‘West Bank intifada’

JERUSALEM – With a large increase in the number of shootings, stabbings, stone and Molotov cocktail attacks against Israelis the past few weeks, Israeli security officials today said they fear the violent trend might indicate a plan by Palestinian terror groups to launch a new intifada, or “uprising,” against the Jewish state, focused mostly against Jews in the West Bank.

The warning follows a widely circulated article in which leaders of all the major Palestinian terrorist organizations told WorldNetDaily recent events here are leading their groups to initiate what they called a third intifada against Israel, consisting of suicide bombings, rocket attacks against Jewish communities and “a few new surprises in our arsenal.” [...]

Road Map to Hell.. Who’s going to stop this.. Egypt, No can Du Mazen?… HAMAS!?

No one hold their breath.


Hamas and their famous truce

It would require bloodshed of a Civil War style to be implemented, who’s got money on that one?

Unless they violently clamp down on terrorists Israel will respond. As soon as Hamas declares a Government they will protest and respond to these Israeli anti terror operations as a breach of their so called “truce”. Justification in their eyes for armed resistance..  

Ever rising stakes.. Like playing poker, just with Suicidal Jihadists

A Third Intifadah would mean rockets added to the arsenal, such stakes are way higher than previously seen, the IDF response would undoubtedly I would imagine be ferocious. Israel has by Historical precedent gone to war for this manner of terrorist harassment.

It’s hard for me to see any diplomatic outcome that would alter this chain of events, if anyone else sees one pls forward it to me. This is not what the Palestinian man on the street bargained for in my opinion.. But it may very well be what he gets for his effort, sadly.. Moronic really.

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