Gaza Islamification

Debka reports Al-Qaeda ultimatum: Get out.

With the takeover of the PA government by Hamas (a radical Islamist movement dedicated to imposing the strictest Islamic religious dictates in daily life,) there’s little doubt that a Westerner way of going about things is going to become an endangered species in Gaza. Worse, similarly insane groups are gaining a foothold in the chaos, including Al-Zaqarwi’s Iraqi Al Qaeda criminals, now with a possible cell in Gaza.

Israel’s intelligence services warned Olmert of Hamas Radical Islami threat

Debka follows up on the warnings with a translated Al-Qaeda dictate to Gazans in general, and a flat out ultimatum to all Westerners and Non-Muslims, be they diplomats, aid officials, NGOs or UN representatives..


from Debka:
Army of Jihad statement, Feb 16.

“…we address all believers of our people and all those who sacrificed their blood and property to defend Islam and Muslims against the Zionist occupation.

Allah ordered us to fight to combat atheism. With Allah’s support we defeated our enemy and obliged Israel to withdraw in humiliation from the Gaza Strip. One thing remaining to be done is to implement Sharia laws.”

These are the targets listed in the al Qaeda statement:

Corrupt elements inside and outside the Palestinian Authority:

Traders, dealers and salesmen of drugs, wines and cigarettes:

Owners of ill-mannered houses and hotels where our sons and girls are degraded and spoiled;

Internet coffee shops that allow youth to search licentious and immoral websites;

Coffee shops where immoral youth gather to smoke… and where meetings between young men and girls take place;

Any girl who goes out wearing trousers without a veil to cover her hair;

All non-Muslim foreigners of all different nationalities are warned to leave;

Collaborators with Israel are warned “we will never relax in targeting them.”

All foreign embassies and consulates must be evacuated and their staff leave within one month of this date;

All auditoriums holding wedding ceremonies that are “rakish and uninhibited;”

Policemen who impede us and protect corrupt men;

All corrupt leaders, even if they are influential and powerful in the Authority and organizations, are our first target.

The PA may be in for more than it bargained for.

An Islamified terror base inside Israel’s borders is an unacceptable threat not just to Israel and its citizens and all Westerners, but to substantial American troops and assets in the immediate region as well. If evidence begins to mount of Al Qaeda free reign in a Hamas Gaza, these details are not likely to escape the White House eye. On the contrary they would represent a fresh and large red blinking dot on the Global War on Terror radar screen.

The United States, European countries, and many Western nations no longer have the luxury of turning a blind eye to Terror bases, funding centers, etc. In many instances they are now bound by their own fresh laws to face these threats directly.

Should more and more radical Islamist venom grow unchecked in Gaza by the PA, it is hard to see anything but the likely eventuality of Israeli troops heading back into Gaza, in something similar to Operation Defensive Shield carried out in the West Bank to root out Terror operations.

Will the Hamas new Government survive long enough to cement their vision of Islamification in the region?

Whether Israelis or the International Community likes it or not, that determination rests in the end.. at the feet of the Israeli Government.

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  • would you become a terrorist to defend your views and why?

  • Terrorists calculatingly target Civilians and soft targets for pre-meditated Murder, or Mass Murder in order to effect or promote a political ideology through the resulting fear or terror they effectuate. It’s a notoriously poor tactic and a declared “Crime Against Humanity”.

    I do not ascribe to that in any shape manner or form! in fact it repulses me.

    Uniformed forces are bound by the rules of warfare, or documents like the Geneva Conventions, something that clearly distinguishes them from Terrorists, Militants, Armed Combatants etc. I’d have to say no ; )

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