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Elections 2006 | Coalition Delusions of Grandeur

Meretz & Labor think they won, or if they keep repeating it to themselves it makes it true.

Survey says: X

I was watching Channel 1 programming from Israel last night, coalition talk. I still maintain Olmert is best served not just using other parties as leverage, but actually going the distance. Labor and Meretz, big players in their own deluded power play are suggesting they should build a coalition of the left and form a Government led by Amir Peretz, all as leverage of course. Good luck!

Meretz MK Haim Oron said Friday that his party will not sit in a coalition with Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu or National Union-NRP.

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is leaning toward bringing Avgidor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu into the coalition instead of Shas. Olmert said Thursday in conversation behind closed doors that despite Lieberman’s opposition to withdraw from the territories, he seems to be a convenient partner, reliable and easier than Eli Yishai of Shas.

Meretz decided at a meeting Thursday to recommend to the president that Peretz form the coalition said Ran Cohen, appointed chairman of the party’s negotiating team. Cohen said Meretz’s condition was that Peretz would not enter a coalition with the three parties.

Meretz basically claims they won’t sit in a Govt composed of nearly everyone, but Mahmoud Abbas himself.. All part of the so called Social revolution the left were talking about BEFORE the election, and that hasn’t actually manifested itself IN the election, yet remains their key strategy AFTER the election. You don’t want to sit quietly, you are spolied treasonous children? Sayanara. 

I have one question.

Where are the votes?..
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Iran on the War Path

Weapon boasting hits new heights.. Literally. (updated below)

The Mullahs are blustering up a storm, in the past week alone Iran has made three separate yet interlinked boasts regarding their military capabilities. No doubt this is part in parcel of the effort to appear somewhat competent in the face of the vastly superior military forces Iran faces, should their illicit Nuclear program degenerate into a full scale conflict involving Allied Air Strikes, either through Nato, the USA, or Israel.

While these boasts are big on talk, and the weapons themselves are one imagines not nearly a match to Western systems.. The full scale drive to weaponization, combined with the endless threats and the murderous ideology which is characterized by a distinct lack of humanity as its main component, need to be taken very seriously.
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Elections 2006 | Updated numbers, Kadima bump.

Here’s some updated numbers now that pre election ballots have been counted  (H/T : JK)

Kadima 29 (+1)
Shas 12 (-1)
Likud 12 (+1)
Israel Home 11 (-1)
Meretz 5 (+1)
Arab Ram Taal  3 (-1)

Not dramatic movement.. But some adjustment.
Also, I saw a headline stating that Israel Elections committee suspects double voting for some Arab parties. We’ll see what happens there.

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My Passover clean up plan will require Iranian cooperation

Multilateral Engagement planned for my Passover clean up 

After reading how there has been progress in the Security Council towards isolating Iran over its rogue Nuclear Weapons and clean Nuclear Energy plans, I’m realizing time may be running out for my passover clean up plan..

I want Nukes too

Will this guy help me clean my condo!?If Iran can do it, so can I is the logic I’m going with. My plan? To detonate a low yield nuclear device in the living room, and my hope is the resulting blast and radiation would easily handle the kitchen which adjoins the living room, as well as at least one bathroom, making them spic and span clean! I initially set out to the Internet to see what might be involved in effectuating this safely. It turns out that there’s plenty of theory knowledge available to construct such a device which is great.

One of the downsides I’ve gleaned from the research is that many in the building I live in might apparently be killed from the clean up blast. While I’m certainly sorry to inconvenience anyone, that’s ok, as it means the elevators will probably arrive faster from lack of use which I’m figuring is positive. Again, the logic is pretty clear to me, if Iran can do it, so can I.

Jewish Law on irradiating hametz!?

Now I’m not an expert on Jewish Halacha, or religious laws.. But I’m almost certain nuclear burn is sufficient to clean any hametz or bread product in the region that makes up my living space. Another downside though is I first have to remove all my electronics and store them at a friends place because the EM pulse from the blast will likely damage my DVD viewing abilities..

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UN: Jews did not poison Gaza

UN refudiates absurd libel cast by the Arab propagandists before, during and after Gaza withdrawal.

The shlock that pours out of the Arab propaganda machine sure makes for ‘fun’ reading, too bad it’s nearly always fictional smearing. Unlike the destruction, pillaging of Jewish worship sites in Gaza by mobs of peace loving free Gazans which was true, the Palestinian claims of poisoned lands, poisoned water and other absurd creations of fiction have now been verified by the UN as bogus.

Ynet has the details
[...]Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and demolition of evacuated buildings there did not cause any significant ecological damage to the area, a report published Thursday by the United Nations Environment Program concluded. The examination of the land was requested by the Palestinian Authority, which suspected the land may be unsafe for use.

A comprehensive environmental study of the land where settlements had been vacated detected no water or land contamination, and thus there are "no environmental constraints to Palestinian settlement in the area," the report said.

Massacres, poisonings, apartheid.. The Palestinians want to pump up their economy? I think they should speak to Stephen King, or Pallywood, there’s big money to be made in fiction.

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