Nanny State recipe: One part Terrorist Entity, one part Quartet, mix well.

An endless barrage of articles abound about the woes the PA is facing should aid be cut as had been pledged.. Here’s some examples from the usual suspects or apologists.

BBC – Cash crisis

Then there’s US envoy James Wolfenshon of the Quartet from Jpost.

Not that it matters since the EU has confirmed generous initial funding of the PA, Hamas be damned for now.

BBC – EU to fill Palestinian funds gap

Europe will give 120m euros ($140m; £83m) to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority to meet people’s basic needs.

No Can Du All this going on around the same time as yesterday’s meeting between the Kadima BIG 3 (Olmert, Livni, & Mofaz,) and David Welch the US envoy, to one would imagine clarify the situation. Not much came out of their meeting, Olmert is concerned about the World seeing two separate Palestinian Authorities, one under Abbas, and the other under Hamas.

That would of course mean that aid and assistance would flow liberally to a fictitious distinction, with the end being a Hamas destination.


YNET: Olmert: No separation between Abbas, Hamas

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday told Assistant U.S. Secretary of State David Welch that Israel sees “no separation between Abbas and the authority ruled by Hamas, and this must be understood and emphasized.”

Olmert told Welch that Abbas represented an authority headed by Hamas. In talks between the two, Welch expressed concern for the humanitarian situation of citizens of the Palestinian Authority.

Olmert said that “Israel shares the same concern but this does not allow funds to be transferred directly to the Palestinian Authority.”

Olmert seems content to let the US lead, but someone needs to start talking of the need to allow the PA under Hamas to collapse. Democratically elected is wonderful, but true colors will show if western countries are openly dealing with, funding and aiding a terrorist entity, like the Taliban but in the West Bank.

Hamas must disarm, recognize Israel and agreements, renounce martyrdom and violence..

That doesn’t seem very likely. Future PA Prime Minister Ismail Hanyehl the so called moderate has been busy at the Washington Post giving an interview trying to work on PR, only to have Hamas respond and warn the Media is going too far trying to spin them as “moderates”.

Hamas Haniyeh did not say he wants peace

In the interview with the Washington Post,
Haniyeh was quoted as saying that “Hamas does not want to throw the Jews into the sea,” and that “we are not war seekers nor are we war initiators. We are not lovers of blood. We are not interested in a vicious cycle of violence. We are oppressed people with rights. If peace brings us our rights, then this is good.”

Haniyeh also said that “if Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish a ‘peace in stages’.”

The Hamas spokesman disassociated his organization from the comments and said that the quotes in the newspaper were inaccurate [...]

The leadership of Hamas has not stopped for a second, country after country trying to rally support, one might think Israel should be doing the same?

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