Quartet quietly backpedalling on Hamas; Israel sucker punched

Bush holds the line, barely. But the Quartet is already buckling.. Hamas’ Government is not even formed and already the quartet is compromising on even the most basic tenets Olmert’s Government was counting on!

The new arbitrators of the State of Israel do not sit in Jerusalem, that much is becoming apparently clear. Olmert and his Foreign Ministry put their eggs in with the Quartet basket, they better be prepared to witness the runny mess that is about to result.. Broken eggs and all.

From Jpost
One Western diplomatic official said that among the questions the Quartet principals were dealing with now was what would happen if Hamas were to make some move toward recognizing Israel and continue to abide by a cease-fire, but would not go all the way toward full-throated recognition of Israel or committing itself to nonviolence.

“We struck a hard, tough position, placed a very high bar,” the official said.

On January 30, the Quartet issued a statement saying that “all members of a future Palestinian government must be committed to nonviolence, recognition of Israel and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations, including the road map.”

“What now requires a lot of fine-tuning is what if they start moving in that direction, while perhaps falling short of the principles. What do we do then? Do we bring down the guillotine anyway,” he said.

High Bar!? What!? Those are the basic MINIMUMS!

What that piece of Eurotrash just said is, Hmm.. If Hamas makes a half-hearted snickering statement that they recognize Israel (which they already do, it exists, we want to destroy it, we don’t recognize its RIGHT to exist), then maybe we should recognize and legitimize Hamas..

Doesn’t matter if they continue to support, effectuate and promote armed violence (READ TERRORISM), we’re more than prepared to lead the Israeli lamb to the slaughter.

In fact, what he said was that Peace is not the ultimate goal of the Quartet, just concessions to get Israel out of the territories, a Palestinian state will gladly be awarded, War on Terror be damned. All Hamas has to do is smile nice while they smuggle in boatloads of missiles, weapons and Human Bombs, as well as coordinate with Iran, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Syria..

Welcome to the International arena in relation to Israel Mr. Olmert, there’s more..

He also said that the Quartet never precisely defined what recognition of Israel or a commitment to nonviolence actually meant.

(Hashmonean – In other words we left it open, meaning you can perpetuate plenty of violence, we don’t really care) 

Up until now Israel’s understanding of the Quartet’s position was that if Hamas did not recognize Israel, disarm and disavow terror, and accept previous agreements with Israel, the international community’s relationship with the Palestinian Authority would change when a new Hamas government was sworn in.

Now, however, there are those in the Quartet arguing that the Hamas government will need more time – once it is sworn in – to clarify its positions.

“The outcome of the diplomatic activity that is under way is not predetermined, and there are question marks – questions that will likely remain unanswered for a fair period of time,” the official said [...]

Olmert’s Government has been screwed.

Forget the Muslim countries all funding the new Hamas Government, the Quartet has already declared it intends to fund the PA, by funding Abbas – As if that bypasses Hamas in any way, but wait.. Even better, now that’s not enough. Now Hamas should be given more time to clarify – I take it, that they are willing to wait to destroy Israel, piecemeal. To mollify the Appeasers by whispering sweet nothings.

“We can have our Terror and eat your money too!”

This Western diplomat clearly stating that in the interim, there could very well be a Terrorist Government receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in WESTERN AID, a Government that clearly to all rational people is intent on destroying the State of Israel as its ultimate goal, the very reason for Hamas’ creation!

All the brunt of International pressure will not be directed at Hamas, but at ISRAEL.

Kadima, your opportunity is RAPIDLY fading to deal with Hamas, you will shortly have a funded, recognized, and Internationally supported Terror entity within your borders. You’ve been railroaded..

The wolves can smell the scent of the blood in the air, Israel’s new government.. Outplayed, out matched, and out to lunch. Now when Israel even tries to defend itself, TERRORISTS will be protesting in the UN, Hamas, the PA, free to totally disregard all commitments, a Hamas army supposedly controlled by a ‘former’ Holocaust denier, Mr. Abbas – Who has yet to move a sheet of paper, let alone tackle a SINGLE Terrorist in his midst since assuming the role of President, all sanctioned by the arbitrators of Israel’s fate..

Not the Government of Israel, but the United Nations of Despots.

The most insane part of this insanity!?
Olmert and his Foreign Minister actually bought this steaming pile of bullshit. Bush will be powerless to halt this steam train, and Olmert is clearly not even aware it has left the station.

All of the recommendations by senior Defense people in Israel, ignored. Shaul Mofaz’s appeals, the Defense Minister, ignored. The Shin Bet - Israel’s FBI, ignored..

The vision of Ariel Sharon himself, ignored.

And now, the same day..

From Ynet
Bush: U.S. will aid Hamas if it recognizes Israel

American President George W. Bush said that if Hamas wants the United States’ assistance, it will have to recognize Israel and strive for peace.

Democratically elected groups cannot engage in both democracy and terror, he said. 

And that’s all she wrote, look forward to the pseudo statement of Hamas:

That they recognize Israel exists, and that they want to move to negotiations forthwith to establishing Israeli withdrawal to 1967 borders, that peace is at hand. That Mahmoud Abbas will form an agreement with Hamas, and he will represent the Palestinians in these negotiations.

No disarming, no collections of weapons, no crackdown on Terrorists anywhere, no solution to the conflict.. Just a rearming and preparation period for the moment they achieve their 67 goals, at which point they can initiate this. Stamped, with an International seal of approvement. All the while, other groups firing Hamas sanctioned Missiles at Israel, while not a single finger is lifted, by anyone.

Dare to DREAM…

FOREIGN MINISTER LIVNI at the White House: Any future Palestinian government should meet these preconditions or requirements: adopt all the former agreements, recognize the right of Israel to exist, renounce terrorism and violence and dismantle terrorist organization and infrastructure of terror.

If this doesn’t happen and the Hamas is going to be the next Palestinian government, the answer is simple. The Hamas is a terrorist organization. It is a designated terrorist organization. And here comes the conclusion. When an entity, a state, is being led by terrorists, the meaning is that this entity, this authority, this state, is transformed into a terrorist state.

And the international community has its own sanctions and measures when it comes to an entity which has been transformed into a terrorist entity.

Not anymore it doesn’t. You’ve been sucker punched. Condi, Bush, taken in for a loop with you by America’s so called allies in the War on Terror.

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