Defense round-up; Operation Northern Glory heating up further still..

IAF pounds Gaza vehicle with airstrike, Israeli Armor open up on border infiltrators.

As more Qassams smack into Israel the battle between Defense forces and Terrorists is heating up. At least 3 more militants killed in combined air strikes and tank fire at the Gaza border area. This is after the 5 or so killed yesterday in the seperate Nablus clean up, officially named Operation Northern Glory, which also resulted in the killing of one top ranking Al Aksa brigade leader.. The IDF has called the fighting at times heavy in the Nablus raids which have revealed weapons, explosives labs, and some serious street fighting.

The action according to Haaretz has prompted Abbas to look to the UN to sanction Israel for what he calls the ‘escalation’. I’m wondering where Abbas’ 10,000+ strong security forces are, according to agreements between Israel and Abu ‘no can do’ Mazen (Abbas) he’s supposed to be rounding up weapons and preventing attacks, instead of forcing Israel to carry these actions out.

Hamas assisting Qassam launches

Meanwhile Haaretz reports in the same vein that Hamas has their dirty little hands in the qassam attacks which are the real escalation here, almost a dozen missiles have been fired at Israel in the last 48 hours.

Zeev Schiff at Haaretz has the tally at over 130 Missiles in January alone, with talk at the IDF about possibly opening up the big artillery guns not on open areas, but on more live type targets should the firings continue.

We’ll cut the electricity to the Gaza Strip

Senior IDF and political officials have reiterated warnings to the Palestinians that Israel will be forced to adopt harsh military measures if the rocket fire continues.

Along with power cuts the notion of sending in the Armored Corps has been raised, obviously not much has been working since the Gaza disengagement, but it is clear to me at least that Abbas’ talk of escalations will look like potato gun fun compared to what Defense Minister Mofaz has in store should the endless rockets continue to launch from the PA controlled areas.

Hamas has of course promised ‘resistance’ :

The Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves and respond to the atrocities of the occupation. The fact we engage in political negotiations does not imply we are not busy in preparations for the Palestinians resistance against the crimes of the occupation, which seeks to expel us from our lands
- Dr. Nizar Rian at a Hamas rally

I have some advice for the good doctor, remember Nizar; when you hear the loud shrieking noise of the IDF Hellfire Missile flying towards your head.. “Duck, and cover.”

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