Is it really safe for Israel to be disregarding its Intelligence services?

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Israel’s Intelligence experts think 2006 will result in an Al-Qaeda Mega Attack on the Holy Land..

Olmert's acting fairly 'Cavalier' for a guy who's been inert until now..Yet, acting Prime Minister Olmert has said he doesn’t see any strategic threat from Hamas taking power of the PA. With statements like the following, you might imagine Olmert would stop playing politics by downplaying Kadima’s recent inability to wrangle in Hamas, and would start acting a bit more ‘Leader’ like.



Global Jihad has Israel in its sights: Security officials estimate that 2006 is the “target year” set by the global al-Qaeda terror network to carry out a mega-terror attack in Israel, the country’s leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.


Just yesterday Olmert contravened Israel’s own head of the Shin Bet (Israeli FBI) by flatly rejecting the notion that Hamas poses a strategic threat. I hate to use the US as an example, but the price paid for lacking or ignoring intelligence is simply astronomical.

When services start rumbling, it’s time for Politicians to listen.. Instead Olmert said this:

“I highly respect the Shin Bet director, but I do not agree with his assessment.”

It’s highly debatable as to where the PM’s job begins or ends, but I would counter it’s not his job to agree, but to act on the assessments of the IDF, Intelligence, and Ministers who run their portfolios.

With reports streaming in since the Gaza disengagement that Al Qaeda is setting up shop in Palestinian controlled areas (I use the word controlled lightly, since chaos is more apt,) and serious attacks already carried out in Jordan by Al Qaeda, one begins to wonder just how much Quartet abuse Olmert is willing to sustain in his drive to castrate Israel while maintaining humbling foreign policy objectives..

Objectives which by hook or by crook will result in Israel being the bad guy no matter what, as is nearly almost always the case.

The last time Israel played around by ignoring Intelligence, the country was almost destroyed.

It is noteworthy to make a historical parallel. In 1973, then Prime Minister Golda Meir received urgent warning from Intelligence that Egypt was preparing to invade the country. The late King of Jordan actually flew secretly by helicopter to meet with Golda Meir, only to urgently tell her the same thing.

Golda and senior staff brushed off the warnings, as a result Israel was caught utterly unprepared for the invasion, and saw Egyptian armor forge the Suez and blitz across the Sinai into southern Israel. The first hours and days of that campaign were some of the most tenuous in the Nation’s history. Golda was not to serve as the PM again after the debacle.

Olmert would be wise to brush up on his history, and ignore the ‘current events’ being dictated to him by an appeasing EU, and an American ally – unfortunately mired in foreign policy that requires its own seeming appeasement to maintain even a shred of International consensus sadly.

Israel with enemies on all sides simply doesn’t have the luxury of European laissez faire. An Al Qaeda foothold in Terrorist run Hamas Gaza, and an insane lunatic in Iran pursuing Nuclear Weapons are a volatile mix. One that begs serious attention, and not indifference! If Olmert needs a refresher, let him revisit the statements from the peaceful non threatening Hamas in Iran yesterday.. Where the Blessings of Allah called for the destruction of Israel.

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