Condi 0 for 2; Egypt, Saudis both reject calls to isolate Hamas in as many days.

Tour de ‘Failure’
This brilliant strategy of hoping the rest of the World will unify against Terrorism, violence, and Jihad is doomed from day one. There’s a monkey in the wrench.. The good guys are Israel.

Don’t worry.. I have a plan.

Whomever came up with this idiotic plan ought to be handed his walking papers, either they are completely oblivious to reality morons, or actually want to harm the State of Israel.

Kaching.. wait, what’s that? I think I hear the MILLIONS rolling into the ‘Isolated’ Hamas coffers now.

That Makes: Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Russia.. 

Is there anyone on the planet planning to ACTUALLY hold the Terrorists to account regarding the murder, the violence, the calls for destruction, the Internationally recognized AGREEMENTS the Quartet has hampered Israel into upholding, but has NEVER once required the Palestinians to even remotely go near as far as obligations!? What’s the backup plan.. Hail ‘Mahmoud Mary’ Abbas?

I have a plan.. It’s called the ‘Smart Bomb’.
Drop them from big ass airplanes at the same time as Humanitarian aid ‘air drops’.

Kaboom.. consider yourself ‘Isolated’.
Problem solved.

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