Please Excuse the mess, while I fix up the new look.

Hmm, let me put it this way, I’ll have it all nice and dandy way BEFORE Hamas gets their State, so that’s positive. (muahahaha)

Jokes aside, I have a number of functionality pieces to integrate, so I’ll get back to the Global Jihad shortly later today..

Edit: I’ve moved the longish Recent Posts area to a page called Quick Hits!
handy if you want recent posts by titles and dates in a snap! : )

What can I say, my old history as a web designer showing up in my loving attention to the ‘user experience’.

The Flash intro will return, load up on every page represents 30% of my bandwidth use so far.. I’m rejigging into two files, one tiny with the logo, and another that can be called at will to play the intro, it will be seamless to you, and quite a saver to me ; )