Hear no evil, see no evil: Chicago Tribune Editorial – Hamas is innocent.

Hatip Media backspin;

The Hammer
In the Tribune today a whine about Israel withholding the Palestinian Authority’s tax cash, the Tribune says Hamas deserves time and up until now has been fairly innocuous..


The Palestinian government hasn’t even been formed yet. Leaders just picked a new prime minister on Monday. The new government has said, essentially, nothing. It has done nothing.

Chicago Tribune

This is typical of the short term memory loss of modern media, they’ve done nothing, which might explain why the EU, Israel, The United States, Canada and a host of other nations have them listed as a Terrorist Organization.

Is the Tribune suggesting that by being elected one’s past is magically erased!?

Let’s elect Bin Laden the new President of Afghanistan, maybe by wiping ‘clean’ his past he won’t mass murder more innocent Americans.. Can you believe this shiite!? talk about brain rot.

I wonder how 3000 odd families would feel about the Tribune’s ingenious plan for cleaning up Terrorists by legitimizing them as Democracies.

It is all too convenient to wipe the slate clean when its not the blood of your people staining it I guess..

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