America hungry for technological breakthrough on Alternative Energy; “We’re on the verge” – Bush

“Our nation is on the threshold of new energy technology that I think will startle the American people,” – Bush. (AP)

Them’s be fighting words Dubya, I hope America can deliver and soon. He was talking to reporters after touring some alternative energy source plants. This was certainly the more interesting part of my American friends’ State of the Union speech last month. Mulching saw grass doesn’t sound all that exciting, but if it’ll power the lamborghini I’ve been eyeing (die cast), heck I’m down with it! ; )

Bush also had some fine words to say about solar energy, stating it will be powering American homes of the future..

Any visitor to Israel will be glad to see and know that the country is on the forefront of solar power, a stroll around reveals most homes have solar panels on the roof powering Israel’s hot water tanks. Seems like a great place to start in the sunnier climes of the great USA, at least until all the Ipods are Fusion powered.