28 years later! Carter just can’t seem to find the Camp David magic..

Wake up little Suzy.. wake up!

Now I respect the former Presidents and all, but Jimmy gets my goat like no other. (there’s a shocker)


I remember watching documentary footage from the Camp David Accord negotiations, and Carter seemed to have a deep religious based respect for then Israeli Prime Minister Begin. It was on some level touching for a little Zionist like me to see that deep, mutual respect between two men of differing Religions, and their strong convictions to a shared faith.

On a very deep level, Carter’s own Christianity was most evident to me in his understanding and empathy of the significance that the State of Israel held, and still does to the Judeo-Christian World.

For the President of the United States to clearly acknowledge the sacrifices and difficulties Begin needed to undergo for Peace, as a devoted religious man himself who was tied to the land of Israel – A greater Israel, left an indelible mark on me..

That’s why it is so utterly horrifying for me to see how Carter has changed from that image I held of him.


Sister Toldjah puts him squarely in his place today, and that place is of a former President in my eyes clearly suffering from a mild form of dementia when it comes to the Middle East arena.


She unloads on Jimmy’s op ed piece in the Washington Post in the way only a proud American with some faith can.


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