Tag Team Champions to defend Israel: IAI & Boeing; Rafael & Ratheon team up – Bidding to win Israeli tender on all new Anti Kassam Missile Defense systems

Israeli Arrow Anti Ballistic Missile rockets to the Sky (Credit IAI)Shielding The Holy Land from Threat: Tag team makers of the World's first fully functioning Ballistic Missile Shield look to break new ground, forge ahead in Israeli / American Defense, and counter the Short Range Missile threat. 

I wrote a nice roundup on Nautilus last week, the futuristic Pentagon / Israeli short range laser based Missile Defense System: With Nautilus on hold, Israel's Defense Ministry has just tendered a 50-100 Million dollar project for a new Kassam Blaster, and the Big Boys lining up to fill the need are IMPRESSIVE to say the least.  

IAI & Boeing, responsible for the Hetz (Arrow II Ballistic Missile Shield) announced their intentions to vie for the tender this weekend, with Israel citing an urgent need to counter the growing threat of longer ranged Kassams (also covered last week).

Citron radar, able to track targets moving at 3000 metres per second (Credit IAI, Tadiran)The key base technology component, may well be the powerful Citron, or 'Green Pine Radar' tracking system (I think there are now 3 of them deployed in strategic locations in Israel, the third may be on order I'm not sure if is in the field, there may be more)  

From: Globes Online The issue behind the current tender was the urgent need to find a solution to the Kassam rockets, which have now begun to emerge as a key threat due to the ability of Palestinian terror groups to threaten strategic infrastructure targets in Ashkelon with improved models of the rocket. These could, if smuggled into, or manufactured by groups based in the West Bank, threaten key installations in the heart of Israel. According to Israeli sources, the fact that two leading US companies have joined forces with local Israeli industries in an effort to find a solution to the Kassam rocket, is indicative of the common efforts of the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv and the Department of Defense in Washington, to counteract the threat posed by the rockets.

Large chunks of American / Israeli aid is contingent on the aid's use in the form of procurement and or joint technology projects with American companies, the resulting bar of excellence from the mating of these two countries defense initiatives is impressive by all accounts, I'll be eagerly looking forward to the feasibility study on the winning tender.

Rafael's Python4 classed Air to Air Missile (Credit Rafael)According to Globes, the Rafael / Raytheon project also vying for the crown may heavily rely on Rafael's more than proven Air to Air Missile technology, they could unveil a new way of countering the threat that is innovative indeed, something to watch for as the Titans in Defense take on the Terrorists..

I wondered and questioned why Nautilus seemed to be in limbo at the Pentagon.. Most especially with the threat level rising alarmingly now with Hamas in power. The proof, as they say may be in the eating of the pudding, or the filling of the tender! ; ) 

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