Palestinian street more worried about Female beer drinkers than political isolation

From a YNET article
Welcome to Hamastan: Palestinian reacts to new Terrorist Government. We are clearly insane..

Get dressed baby.. I'm taking you out!“Military anarchy is easier than social anarchy where women sit in coffee shops and drink beer — that’s unacceptable.

That’s what causing us so many catastrophes: Allah’s fury and not Israel. When women want to smoke cigarettes, drive cars, go to coffee shops, smoke Nargila and drink beer, may Allah help Hamas in restraining these immoral permissiveness.” -
Abu Mohammad, 40.

What could I possibly add to this? I’m trading in my microwave and 53 inch Sony and moving to Ramallah, life is gooood in Hamastan I tell you, life is Good! Who cares about roving gangs armed with Kalishnikovs and trivial things like murder!? It’s the females downing the Coronas we need to worry about..

Vive la revolution!

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  • Neil

    and the cartoons… don’t forget the cartoons!