Mr. Appeasement himself, speaks: Chirac panders like the KING of the Arabists he is.

Refuses to back his own Foreign Minister’s strong statements in regards to Iran’s clandestine Nuclear Weapons program.. While on a trip to EXPORT / SELL MORE Nuclear Technology!

I expected nothing less. The Weasel has spoken:


From the New York Sun

“There are experts who are qualified to speak on the subject, and they are from the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Chirac told a news conference in Bangkok, the first stop on an Asian tour that also takes him to India. “Let’s see what the experts say … we are not going to enter into what-if in this situation.” [...] “The position of France has absolutely not changed”

[...] On Sunday, Chirac was to head to India for discussions that include a deal to allow India access to civilian nuclear technology.

Can you BELIEVE this slime ball!? He’s off to sell MORE reactors while waffling on Iran’s enriched Uranium weapons program in the SAME MOUTHFUL! Does he have NO SHAME?

At least he acknowledges he’s not an ‘expert’ <– See, I’m trying to find something nice to say about him.. Ok, times up - I give up. [tags]France, Iran, Nuclear Weapons[/tags]

  • Neil

    Maybe Chirac thought he was in neighbouring Pakistan…

  • :)
    Knowing Jacques he’s probably thinking ‘Why not sell to both?’
    I can hit Musharaf on the flight back..

    The way the Russians & France have been handing this stuff out.. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 11 year old kid down the street from me built a nuke in his closet out of tin foil, and that lint fluff that builds up in the dryer!