Influential Washington Institute says: This Turkey is cooked.

Hamas terrorist leader MashalThe Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy, the highly regarded American ‘Think Tank’ slams Turkish meeting with Hamas terrorist Khaled ‘keep moving’ Mashal, questions Turkey’s role and future within the Middle-East, and vis a vis the West.




“Mashal’s visit indicates that far from taking Turkey’s strategic interests into account, the AKP’s (Turkey’s elected Muslim Govt.) Middle East policy is guided by a cultural desire to help other Muslim governments and even Islamist terrorist groups, regardless of the nature of these governments and groups and irrespective of how their interests may be at odds with Turkey’s.”

Washington Institute for Near Eastern Policy paper on Turkey


The scathing policy paper analysis further questions the Turkish decision to blindly rush out and meet Hamas like a love struck cheerleader, questioning Turkey’s long standing role as a mediator between Israel & the Palestinians, and Turkey’s role as a country bordering the messy Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian arena, a critical spot with US foreign policy centered in the area.


Now shaky allies trade barbs 

The Turkish Hamas meeting fallout has already harmed relations between Israel & the Turks.
Israel let it be known to Turkey it was less than pleased that a Terrorist was coming over for dinner, and Turkey countered with its own harsh rebuke.

With Israelis typically pouring into Turkey as a popular vacation spot, and the two countries’ heavy Military cooperation (which includes joint training, and large contracts for substantial military hardware upgrades to Turkish forces courtesy of Israeli weapons developers) it will have to be seen how badly relations deteriorate.

Turkish Elite far from pleased

Either way, foreign policy experts, and elite intellectuals in Turkey were flatly against the move of hosting Hamas, and it behoves me to understand what Turkey stood to gain from this if anything..

I’m inclined to take the Institutes policy paper to heart, and surmise that Turkey’s ruling party is indeed caught up in Pan-Muslim worldwide hysteria, where the Global Jihad takes precedence over common sense and decency in all matters apparently.


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