The Russians are coming! – Putin prepared to arm HAMAS Army.

Last week in this post, Kadima already I looked at Kadima’s foreign policy failure, and warned that the next red line was coming if Kadima refused to act, now the Russians have come home to roost.

50 Armored Vehicles, 2 Russian MI-17 Choppers..
A Hamas Terrorist Army in the Heart of Israel?

Hamas is looking to pick up weapons in their upcoming ‘Diplomatic’ visit with Russian leader Putin (Putin on the Ritz) and Russia’s Chief General has replied kindly that Russia may oblige..

This decision on deliveries of military hardware should be taken jointly with the new Palestinian administration,” - Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Yury Baluyevsky


BTR-80 Armored Personel CarrierBTR-80
Class: Personnel Carrier
Armor: Classified
Main Gun: 14.5mm Machine Gun
Secondary: 7.62 mm Machine Gun
Speed: 80 km / hour
Range: 600 km


Is this Hamas’ new ride, courtesy of Putin?

Photo: Credit Wikipedia

If this news wasn’t frightening enough, the UK Times is reporting that quietly some Israeli officials are backing an initiative to ok the arms deals, in the deranged hope / view that Russia can moderate Hamas.


Analysts say that the Kremlin is seizing an opportunity to reclaim the influence it once wielded in the Middle East, while playing a constructive role on the world stage. And behind the rhetoric, many Western and even some Israeli officials back the Kremlin’s initiatives.

“The strategy is to play an independent role in building a bridge between Hamas and the West,” said Vitaly Naumkin, a prominent Arabist and head of the Centre of Strategic and Political Studies. “I’m sure that despite the rhetoric, the West and the Israelis are happy with what Russia is doing.”

According to Yediot Ahronot, Israel would have to OK the arms purchase..

But in light of the absolute failure on the part of Foreign Minister Livni and Edud the ‘Dude’ to act forcefully to this spiralling out of control foreign policy fiasco, I am starting to seriously wonder if Israel will be able to do anything to stop this now even if they try.

Kadima is operating out of a position of sheer weakness..

I wrote that at the very least Livni needs to arrive in Russia and play for the press BEFORE Hamas visits in March, so far it’s all talk on Kadima’s part and no show, and even the talk is weak, more like a whimper.

Could Kadima be crazy enough to believe even for a second that Hamas wants ANYTHING but to destroy the State of Israel!?


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