The Lions of Zion are standing around with their tails between their legs

The DudeThis is the man who wants to drive through massive withdrawals?

Huge Territorial concessions in a unilateral plan?

He’s dreaming, he can’t even handle the Russians so far.. never mind a few rowdy settlers.




This is not Ariel Sharon’s vision, to be eaten alive by Russian & Hamas wolves.

Netanyahu should pounce like a tiger cat on them now, as it’s clearly chaos at Kadima, and sadly they seem incapacitated.


Lady LivniWhere in the World is Lady Livni? 

Sure the Americans have asked for a lots rope in the hopes that the Russians can come up with some crazy scheme to halt Iran’s nuclear program without requiring the Military assets, but this is madness already.

First the Russians give Iran the reactors, and now we all sit back and hope they can fix the mess they’ve made?


Putin can’t be trusted, I wouldn’t trust him to take my garbage out.

Hamas has not even formed their Govt yet, and already Russia, Jordan, Turkey.. All lining up to meet with the Terrorists, Russia prepared to arm them, the Saudis prepared to fund them:


Legitimacy has been bestowed.

The only party in this mess still requiring legitimacy is now Kadima.
Olmert is asleep, and his Foreign Minister is tucking him in for bed.


The next chapter?

Hamas will say a few muddled things about Hudna’s, about cease fires, and legitimate rights and laugh all the way home as the World puts the squeeze on Olmert & Israel, and Kadima will back-pedal like they are competing for Gold in Turin.

Soon Israel will be paying out cash money to Hamas, bowing before the Russian Bear, and watching in awe as the Qassams fly by overhead and smack into southern communities.


Flatly reject any arms shipments, flatly reject any talks with Hamas, and tell the World loudly and clearly that Israel will sink any boat carrying anything but Russian Wheat, that comes any near the Gaza strip.


That’s how you marginalize Hamas, by not allowing them a shred of legitimacy in the first place.

Analysts in Israel talked about bold moves by Olmert, about attacks on Iran, anything to secure his position as a non General before general elections, so far Olmert is anything but bold.

He’s a regular ‘Pullout’ Peres, Israel’s great Diplomat and Kadima number 2, who incidentally himself hasn’t uttered a single word.



The silence is deafening.

Don’t kid yourself, there’s no grand strategy for Kadima,
Sharon Gd bless him didn’t lay out a plan of action - it’s pure chaos at Kadima, and Israelis are eating it up and asking for more.


Haaretz reports:

Israel will try to delegitimize the new Palestinian Hamas government by insisting that international aid be given to humanitarian organizations and not the PA authorities.

This was decided during a debate by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and senior officials on international policy toward the new Palestinian government

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is to decide tomorrow on Israel’s reaction to Hamas’ rise to power in the PA.

Olmert will decide whether to start punitive measures toward the PA immediately or first present an ultimatum to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to keep his promise to dismantle the terror organizations.

Minster Livni said Israel would suspend transferring the tax funds it collects for the PA, a step to which, Jerusalem assumes, the American administration would not object.



Can you believe this!?

Key words up there:

“will try to deligitimize”
They already were deligitimized until you starting snoring.


“Ehud Olmert is to decide tomorrow on Israel’s reaction”
No plan, let’s make one up.


“first present an ultimatum to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to keep his promise to dismantle the terror organizations.”
Sure, we all know Abbas keeps his promises, what a mockery of the State of Israel.


“suspend transferring the tax funds.. Jerusalem assumes, the American administration would not object”
What did you talk about in Washington Tzipi!? Tu Be-Shvat?!

Total chaos..


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