Russians Roll back: We will get “Israeli” permission first.


MOSCOW.  Feb  17   -  Supplies  of  Russian military equipment to the Palestinian Authority will be carried out only with Israeli  agreement, Russian  Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said.

“All  equipment  supplies to Palestine might be carried out only on
Israeli consent and through its territory,”


How kind of the comely Russian..

Palestine? Never heard of it.
Maybe he’s talking about Hamastan!?

Or maybe the G8 should kick Russia out on its ass.. They can start fresh in a new country, call it Russia-stine, then reapply. Good luck.

I miss the Soviet Union, at least you could rely on them to wage Cold War, these days Russia seems intent on fostering Nuclear War..

Credit AP‘Putin me in a bad mood all week’

How can we further the cause of Peace? Hmm..
Let’s give Hamas 50 Armored Personel Carriers!
Holy moly!! Why didn’t I think of that?

Can we get Putin a Nobel Please!?
Come on Kofi.. Pull some strings.


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