Condi-licious! : US State Dept coordinated attack on Extremists everywhere

With Israel’s leading lights caught in brain freeze – Secretary of State + State Dept. on eve of new PA government open up double barrelled can of whoopass on Islamic Extremists..

CondiliciousAfter a tongue lashing from American elected Officials in the the USA’s ever beautiful House of Congress, Condi lets loose, makes former Sec. State Powell look like a Ghandi wanna be..

Intent on sending Hamas Terrorists to ‘Foggy Bottom’



courtesy of Yediot Ahronot; AP; Reuters.
Photo credit: US Press Office.


U.S. informs PA: You owe us 50 Million greenbacks; We don’t take checks.
- The United States asked the Palestinian Authority to pay back USD 50 million in order to ensure the money does not reach Hamas, Abbas complies.

Renounce Violence, and there’s a chance you may get a State.
- Condi calls on Hamas to lay down weapons: Seems like before a state was a given, now odds may be better in vegas..

US Dept of State: Turkey must press Hamas to meet world’s demands.
- Don’t fowl around: Called on Turkey to convey a clear message to Hamas that the group must meet the international community’s demands regarding recognition of Israel and the renunciation of violence. (AP)

Rice warns Iran, Arab states against funding Hamas.
- U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned Iran and other Middle Eastern countries against transferring funds to a Hamas-led Palestinian government. (AP) 

Rice: Arab states must isolate Iran.
- United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called on Arab states to isolate Iran should it fail to curb its nuclear program. (Reuters)

What I wouldn’t give to get inside this Soviet experts pan.. er head today.

Look at her go!

She’s a Russian maven, a former National Security Advisor, and clearly kicks ass.. even on Friday before the weekend.


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