Blast from the past.. April 2005: Putin Calls Arms Aid No Threat To Israel


JERUSALEM, April 29 2005 – Russian President Vladimir Putin chided Israel on Friday for thwarting his efforts to provide military equipment to the Palestinian Authority’s security forces. But he said he would not antagonize Israel by moving forward with the military assistance now.  

Putin was prepared to offer Palestinian officials 50 armored personnel carriers, two helicopters and other military equipment for their security forces during his visit with the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas …

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon opposed the plan and insisted that the transfer of all military equipment to the Palestinian Authority be approved and coordinated by Israel

“If we want Abbas to fight terror, the Palestinian Authority is in need of this kind of equipment,” Putin said during a joint news conference with Abbas on Friday.

Washignton Post


Credit APNow now Vlad, isn’t this what you meant?
‘Abbas will clearly never fight Terror, but Russia is in need of MOVING this kind of equipment’





What is up with this guy?

Do they not have Ebay in Russia!?