US Lawmakers come out swinging: Vote 418 to 1 to end PA aid under Hamas.

Question Bush Administration on how Terrorists came to power in the 1st place.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution on Wednesday urging that direct U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority be stopped as long as the militant group Hamas, which is expected to form a new Palestinian government, calls for Israel’s destruction.

The nonbinding resolution expressing the sense of Congress was approved 418-1. The Senate passed the measure earlier this month.

The Bush administration is evaluating its aid program to the Palestinians following Hamas’ stunning victory in Palestinian elections over the Fatah movement.

“Until Hamas changes course, dismantles its terrorist organization, and agrees to work toward a peaceful settlement with Israel, no taxpayer money should be provided to support the Palestinian government,” said House Majority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican.



Harsh words reserved for Condi Rice, as lawmakers in the US are wondering how come more wasn’t done to prevent a Hamas Govt. being elected.

Hamas should not have been a legitimate vote in the 1st place, they had not disarmed, not renounced violence or Terrorism. Instead the US put heavy pressure on Israel to allow Hamas a shot at the ballot..
Bad call, worse result!

That’s what happens when you appease your enemies, the results are never positive, ever.

Bolster Abbas?

Abbas was not lacking support, Internationally or from Israel for that matter. The truth be told the Palestinians themselves have simply not been much of a partner. Bush’s famous doctrine calling for two states for two people’s on the White House lawn was certainly a bold move in the right direction to solving the conflict from an Israeli perspective..

The problem is, it was apparent then, and is even more so now.. The Palestinians aren’t all that interested in solving the conflict with Israel, more like finding an answer to the riddle of how to destroy Israel.


** Incidentally, look at how Reuters frames the Hamas Win..
“Stunning Victory”

The word Stun as a noun means to deliver a blow or to shock, here the word seems to my eyes to be employed more as an adjective, the definition of stunning in common use as an adjective doesn’t conjure up negative feelings.

Rather, something is stunning, as in stunningly beautiful, or gorgeous etc..

Why am I not ‘stunned’..

Wouldn’t ‘Shocking Victory’ have been more appropriate?
Seeing as everyone was indeed shocked including Hamas?

That schlock is then picked up by 3/4 of the Planet’s Media as the basis of their stories, and Reuters has successfully, on a subtle level influenced our view of Hamas’ vote results without us even realizing it..

Classic Media manipulation / Bias that we swallow whole.

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