Honestly, I have a few tapes in my collection that I think are ‘way hotter!’

But nonetheless, everyone else is talking about these Saddam Hussein tapes, the ones with ‘possible’ details of where and how the Mass Murderer hid his WMD.

Truthfully, Debka reported the WMD shipments in real time as they were moving years ago, including a few possible actual locations as to where they went, Israel’s well regarded espionage networks clearly had a bead on these dangerous weapons.. I would expect nothing less.


The truth is the US was too chicken to take on Bashar at the time along with Iraq, they dithered, and it cost them BIG time.

But if these tapes add some answers, by all means, we all already knew that the WMD went to Syria, these are just games.

I don’t really want to blog about this, because it makes me ill to hear lefties say ‘he had no WMD’ or ‘Where’s the WMD’, my answer to them is give me 10,000 troops, 200 tanks, a couple of A-10′s and I’ll show you where the WMD is you little wankers, along with a personal tour of Bashar Al Assad’s home..

I mean how naive and idiotic can you get? In any case.. Like I was saying I don’t want to deal with this because I find it is insulting to our collective intelligence that anyone even questions the WMD issue.

If you’re going to play these games at least get your info from a lady with a clear head.. If you’d like to read about this, I leave you instead in the more than capable hands of Melanie Philips.

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