French grudgingly face reality: Iran trying to build Nuclear Weapons

After years of having their heads shoved directly up their asses, the French Govt. finally comes up for air, Mondieu!

Welcome to the real World.. How’s the view?


France has for the first time explicitly accused Iran of using its nuclear programme as a cover for clandestine military nuclear activity.

Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy told French TV no civilian programme could explain Iran’s activity.



Oh lord, to be young naive and retarded again..
Nothing can save Eurabia now, don’t believe me?

Take a look at the cunning ‘insight’ the BBC’s local apologist adds to this.


BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says that Mr Douste-Blazy’s blunt characterisation shows that, in diplomatic terms at least, the gloves are coming off.

France, the UK and Germany have had a key role in pursuing long-running contact with Tehran, in an effort to persuade it to give up its plans.

But the mood among the Europeans is sombre, laced with an element of frustration, our correspondent says – as Iran now appears intent on pursuing its nuclear research programme.


No! Ya think!?

This is sort of like the French waking up one morning to see Hitler giving a speech from the top of the Eiffel Tower only to say afterwards…

“Mondieu! I think the Nazis are coming!”

The gloves are coming off, oooohhh look out! This time the letter of objection will be sent REGISTERED Mail, pitiful.


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