Al Zarqawi a dead Man: Jordanian Military Court passes death sentence

US cow towing around & appeasing left wing lunatics.. learn a lesson or two and execute these beasts. Terrorists don’t belong in Civilian Courts, they’re combatants, they murder Women & Children for sport.

Zarqawi has been sentenced to death in absentia for a plot to use a chemical bomb in Jordan, in total 13 of his Al Qaeda lunatics were also charged and sentenced to various degrees, among them Jordanians, Syrians, and Palestinians. I hope the US captures him and hands him over to Jordan, to avoid the fiasco that is developing in the US regarding these types of detainees..


It boggles my mind how there’s a subsection of some Americans who are more concerned with loathing themselves and their own country than bringing mass murderers to justice. In Jordan the plot failed, but merely the act of planning to mass murder 1000′s of people gets you the guillotine. I envy their resolve.

This is like the 3rd or fourth time Zarqawi has been sentenced to death in Jordan, the guy’s going to run out of heads to chop off soon..

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