USA Gallup Poll: Support for Israel at record high, Palestinians not so lucky.

Bush can ill afford to waver on Israel, Americans support the Jewish State.

Nice numbers coming in at the annual Gallup poll on the question of Israel and the Palestinians.

59% of Americans sympathise with Israel, that number is the highest level of support since 1997 when the number was 38%. Good news for the two stalwart allies on Terrorism and almost all fronts. 

The Palestinians on the other hand despite joining the Democracy club are not getting much loving this Valentine’s day, polls show their support at only 15% of Americans. An interesting mirroring of overall national type numbers comprised of Arabs, Muslims, and the radical Left fringe in the US which hovers around the 10% mark, that fringe is mostly socialist types who disdain their own country almost as much as Israel.


Of the remaining, 5% said both peoples had their sympathies, 13% said neither, and 8% were unsure. What interests me is Israel’s support in the US appears higher than President Bush’s own support nationwide.


In Perspective.. 

Also interesting is the strong support of Israel despite the heavy tactics being employed by the IDF in counter-terror operations, with almost a dozen Islamic Jihad Terrorists targeted by drones and choppers in the last few weeks and a steady assault on militants year round, and firm statements in regards to non negotiation vis a vis Hamas which have been leading the press for weeks.

Coupled with almost across the board bi-partisan support for Israel in both houses, Congress and Senate, Israel’s new Govt in upcoming elections has a wide open field with which to manoeuvre.

On the flip side, it appears Palestinians will pay a high price for having voiced yet again their own strong support of Terrorism, similar to the alliance of the PA with Iraq in the 1st Gulf War which cost Palestinians dearly under the George Bush Sr. and James Baker’s administration – In both public, and the US government’s support.

Around that time, Bush Sr. riding high after the first Gulf War, his head swollen by dreams of his big coalition including Arab States, squeezed Israel by holding up 10 billion in loan guarantees to PM Shamir in order to halt settlements, contributing to the alienation of his own support in the USA..


He subsequently lost re-election.
His son on the other hand seems to have wisely learned from his father’s mistakes, with crucial House elections coming up, US Administration support for Israel will only solidify, the Republicans need to muster their base, that base includes a strong love for the State of Israel, something I can empathise with dearly ; ) 


Have a look at all the poll numbers going back to 97


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