Magic Mofaz in Egypt: “Hamas part of Axis of Evil”

'Magic' MofazThe Magician, able to ‘magically’ make Terrorists ‘disappear’ meets with Hosni Mubarak

The Hashmonean posted about Foreign Minister Livni’s recent trip to Egypt, which was only mildly successful. No problemo, send in ‘Magic’ Mofaz, Israel’s Defense Minister.

This guy, doesn’t mess around, he eats Terrorists for breakfast.

“Hamas’ control over the Palestinian Authority is just another part of the ‘axis of evil’ that includes Iran, Syria, and now extends to the PA from where it will extend to additional countries that harbor terror organizations,” Shaul Mofaz with reporters after his meet & greet with Hosni Mubarak.

Despite round two in the critical diplomacy department for Israel,┬ámost especially since Egypt has been tasked with helping manage the Gaza border, Hosni continues to hold his ground. He’s sticking with the line that what is required is patience, as he believes Hamas will reform.

He’s probably pretty dead wrong, but hey – At least these two regional powers are meeting, cooperating (even if at a limited basis) and ensuring dialog remains a critical component. Egypt’s Govt is no Hamas lover, Radical Islamists are as much a threat to Hosni’s Government as Israel’s.. If not more.

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