Debka alarming scoop: New Russian Katyushas in the hands of Al Aqsa Brigades

Debka's scoop on the 207 Terror Weapon207 MM Rockets have range of 16-18 Km, put Ashkelon population center, critical infrastructure in harms way.

“The menacing Russian-made rocket, which the Palestinian terrorists have dubbed Aqsa 2 or Aqsa 207, arrived in the Gaza Strip last week through northern Sinai…”

Visit Debka for details on the smuggling operations ongoing since the Gaza withdrawal

Credits: Debka File

Aqsa unknowns.. 

With Hamas in power, Islamic Jihad sworn to continue armed crusades, the unknown is the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Abbas’ Fatah party. Abbas wants to keep things calm, but his brigades have been chomping at the bit, upset with their loss in the elections, and are a Terrorist group with a long history of killing Israelis.

This is troubling news, IDF officials have been talking louder and louder about the results of the withdrawal and the tons of advanced weapons pouring into Gaza. Israel is no longer able to secure the border between Egypt & Gaza, if these rockets start killing Israelis, expect serious hostilities to ensue.

Hopefully, these armed groups will be busy slaughtering themselves so normal Palestinians don’t pay the price for the utter lawlessness in their midst, and the subsequent Israeli justified retaliations that will result should Israeli Civilians become a target of these weapons’ deployment.

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