BBC speculates that Olmert would hold on to the Jordan Rift Valley

Quotes Olmert as saying he’s looking to establish ‘final borders’.

Edud OlmertThose borders according to the BBC include full control of the seam line to Jordan, and the Major settlement blocks. Sounds good, speed it up Ehud, I’d like a nice little villa with a view of the Jordan river if possible, thanks.

You can read the BBC’s speculations if it interests you, the rest of us already know that the Jordan Rift Valley is staying with Israel, along with Maaleh-Adumim, Ariel and other Major Blocks whether the Palestinians, the UN, the BBC, or anyone else for that matter likes it or not.

If the PA or Hamas wanted to say something about it, they had their shot in 1947 and declined, the rest as they say in the Movie business, is history.