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If Kofi Annan hands you ‘opportunistic’ investment tips, run for the hills..

Kofi was at the Whitehouse today meeting with Bush, here’s what he had to say:

We also discussed the Middle East and the Hamas elections, and the need of transformation of Hamas into a political party along the lines the Quartet had discussed. And I think there is an opportunity here for Hamas to transform itself into a political party and work with the international community and the Israeli government.

Credit: White House

Yeah? that’s nice Kofi..
Here’s what I have to say. I think as a planet we’re all pretty much fed up of you and all your great ‘opportunities’.

Last time I checked following your investment opportunities could wind up landing one in Prison. I have a few gallons of vegetable oil lying around here somewhere, want to trade it for ‘Food?’

Listening to Annan you’d think Hamas was a group of famous Philanthropists and Humanitarians.. I didn’t hear anything implicit about disarming, or the murder of innocent Civilians, or rule of law, just – ‘along the lines the quartet discussed’.

If this is a big opportunity in Kofi’s eyes, take your money and invest it someplace else before the suicide bombers start exploding and someone loses their shirt, literally.. Along with limbs and lives.

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