Culture of Pure Violence: Palestinian Society totally warped. Welcome to HAMASTAN.

Fed an endless deluge of hatred, mired in ignorance and loathing, bereft of a future by corrupted leaders, and now represented by Terrorists..

Off-duty Palestinian police officers kidnap Hamas member they say killed their colleague in earlier riots; Hamas responds with ultimatum, threatens to resort to violence unless abductors release man Sunday night



There’s little hope of anything but bloodshed and violence for innocent Palestinians. They now live in Hamastan (by choice), where Justice is determined by blood letting, abduction, murder and one’s interpretation of the Koran..


Armed with weapons and a curious notion of morality, it seems the law of the land is kill and let kill. That’s the new official Govt. we should remember which opts for IMMEDIATE violence as the 1st course of action. The people Yossi Beilin wants us to negotiate with.. He’s ready to talk!


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