Ahmadinejad: Israel ‘will be removed’

From the Assmad Files:
The Assmad Files 

 Mahmoud’s big mouth keeps flapping; He can’t seem to shut up even for a second. The deranged Iranian leader has again threatened Israel, once again proving that he’s just begging for a good ‘Ass Kicking’.

As such, I proudly inaugrate the Assmad Files. All posts regarding the Assmad will have his logo prominently featured, as a symbol of our allegiance to Jackasses everywhere.



 Tehran (dpa) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that the Palestinians and “other nations” will eventually remove Israel from the region.Addressing a mass demonstration in Tehran – one of many organized throughout Iran to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the Islamic revolution – he once again questioned the Holocaust “fairy tale.”“We ask the West to remove what they created sixty years ago and if they do not listen to our recommendations, then the Palestinian nation and other nations will eventually do this for them.”
“Do the removal of Israel before it is too late and save yourself from the fury of regional nations,” the ultra-conservative president said. He once again called the Holocaust a “fairy tale” and said Europeans have become hostages of “Zionists” in Israel.
Credit: The Bangkok Post


The best part is Assmad, talking about Hostages. He was a prominent leader / co-founder of the radical Islamist student movement that kidnapped Americans in the US / Iran Hostage crises, I guess it takes a REAL Hostage taker to ‘know one’. 

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