Meretz Leader Beilin Chimes In: No Preconditions.

Oslo architect has clearly suffered his own form of brain damage.

The Hammer


Meretz leader Yossi Beilin, a key player in the disaster / fiasco for the State of Israel known as the Oslo Accords has stated that he’s ready to talk to Hamas now, no preconditions.

“We won’t place conditions for speaking with Hamas,” Beilin said. “If it wants to talk to us, we’ll talk.”


It’s the morons like Beilin, who without a doubt is one of the most instrumental reasons for calamitous ill on the State, that have literally cannibalized the Left in Israel. Split, fractured and holding almost no votes and less seats one would think these buffoons would wake up already. Beilin has had 13 years of living proof as to how his lofty ideals and loftier ideas are nothing more than looney tunes, yet that doesn’t stop him.. He’s ready to negotiate with Terrorist Organizations.


With elections creeping up in Israel (about 5 weeks away) one is ‘left’ wondering what drives these moonbats to come up with this drivel? Does Yossi foresee exposing himself like this as bolstering his party’s seat count come March!? And if so, who’s running the Meretz election campaign? Daffy Duck?


Polls show his party will fall possibly to a shameful 4 or 5 seats (can you say: Evaporation) – What’s driving Yossi, and where pray tell is he going.. Hopefully nowhere fast. I’m left wondering about the very cosy business deals, mass corruption and tenuous relationships the left formed during the Oslo years with less than savory individuals & businesses, could the erosion of that comfy zone have driven Yossi and his compatriots to sheer insanity!?


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