Kadima already.. Kadima!

Policy Fiascos, domestic & foreign Kadima legacy so far..
Kadima needs to inform Putin to ‘Appease this!’ with a prominent middle finger raised.


I support Kadima, I support Ehud Olmert, and apparently my friends in the Holy Land feel the same way, with heavy numbers buttressing the Kadima party in polls. But, and yes.. as usual the ‘butt’ tends to be big sadly, there’s no denying that Kadima has seriously screwed the pooch on a number of key issues and policies.


Caught in a whirlwind with the recent departure of PM Sharon, the barely born party helmed by deputy PM Olmert clearly had and still has a lot to chew on, especially with crucial elections in the near term. It doesn’t excuse the mis-steps.


Sanctioning HAMAS in the PA election itself was a critical error, an error decided upon ultimately by Olmert. The PA is not a state, and terror organizations are not supposed to be allowed to participate in Democratic votes. Further, agreements, binding agreements between the PA and Israel specifically prohibit such armed hooligans from participating.


What happened? Israel waffled under the pressure, the result.. Hamas won, and Israel lost. The US critically misjudged the situation, Condi and company share blame. They should learn to keep the strong arm tactics for the enemy, not favourite sons and Allies.


Ok, mistakes happen, and to their small credit Israel, the World, myself included were in shock over Sharon’s stroke. After the election all seemed decently well, strong statements of ‘no can do’ from the International community towards Hamas funds and legitimacy were proper and responsible courses of action. Score one for Kadima, at least for a partial recovery on the initial mistake.


It starts to fall apart quickly, Livni (Israel’s new Foreign Minister) despite her best efforts has come up short. Egypt’s Mubarak smiles a lot, but he does literally shit. The US Govt. is still holding the line, but where is the strong arm towards the Quartet, towards Europe in regards to a very firm and unbending law of the land – No NEGOTIATION with Terrorists, EVER.


Policy is like a dam, as soon as even a tiny leak springs, you can be sure that the dam is coming down unless you bring in the cement trucks and I mean FAST. Is Olmert calling leaders, asking for clarifications?


Is Gillerman in the UN, making speeches about Terrorist Organizations? Is Livni content to make a brief press release and let matters lie.. I desperately hope not, for Israel’s sake. Make some serious statements, question Russia, question France. Do something controversial if need be, like saying publicly that Israel is less than pleased that Putin sees fit to sell out common decency for whatever pittance the Russians expect from this. Draw a line, and ensure it is not crossed.


Russia’s answer is: They don’t consider Hamas a Terrorist organization. Really? Then Israel should make it clear.. We don’t consider Russia a sane arbitrator in matters concerning the security of the State of Israel, as such you can take your Quartet and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Russia wants to be a player? Show them how much play they’ll get if Israel the MUCH more critical and weighty partner in these matters no longer sees it in its interest to defer matters in regards to peace to Russia. That goes for the EU as well, take your blood money and away with you already. That’s good Foreign Policy for Israel, dithering, whimpering.. these things do not serve the State of Israel, never have, and never will.


Recognition of Hamas is an unqualified DISASTER to the State of Israel


Another red line is about to be crossed. Now you can kill & maim Jews, yet get large chunks of land, now you can kill & maim Jews, drive around in pickups with guns on them yet be elected to power in elections..


Now you can kill & maim Jews, yet be courted in the Kremlin. That’s what appeasement is all about.. Livni is concerned to her credit about ‘slippery slopes’. Hello, anybody home.. you’re the one on skis darling, don’t be concerned, do something about it.. Kadima already!


If I were Livni, I’d book a ticket to Moscow yesterday, and tell Mr. Putin the deluded man who considers himself a World Leader that there will be consequences to selling arms to Israel’s enemies, there will be consequences to aiding and abetting Terrorist Organizations, seems absurd for Israel to bluster the big bad bear this way you say? That’s fine, let it seem absurd, it’s nowhere near as absurd as Kadima allowing red line after red line to be crossed as they’ve been these past few weeks.


I want to see Livni wearing a big parka outside in Moscow with microphones in front of her face, and FAST. When a disaster is imminent, you head it off. When gangrene sets in, you cut off limbs, not hang around wondering where the disease is going next. France, the EU, that’s where, what’s a matter Kadima? You need someone to draw you a Gd damn roadmap!?
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