Ashura Self Mutilation Celebrations Draws Big Crowds


Not, May Be Disturbing.. It is Disturbing.

Nontheless, it’s time to play:
Hashmonean High Five –
They film it, we caption it.


Credit: Reuters
1. I Knew I should have practiced this shaving thing more often..
2. Ahhhmmmedd!!! Give me the knife before you hurt yourself!
3. I’m not sure, but I think this may affect your health coverage..
4. Kuwait-Date Online Profile: I’m really just your average guy
5. Uhh.. I can’t seem to remember where I parked my car




1.  Hey… Is that a MiniDV!?
2.  OK Osama.. Smile!
3.  Michael Jackson spotted in Bahrain today… this time holding a video camera
4. All right now that’s enough, save the battery for the beheading.
5. Azziizz!.. MORE LIGHT!!

Photo Credits: Reuters, K.H

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