‘ Putin on the Ritz ‘ – ‘I’m taking HAMAS out drinking & dancing!’

New Russian Acronym:(HAMAS) Hit At My Allies Soon – please.  

Less than two weeks after Hamas’ victory in the PA elections, Israel’s foreign policy is flopping like a 75 year old titty.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – France signaled support on Friday for a Russian plan to invite Palestinian election winner Hamas to Moscow for talks despite strong protests from Israel, which wants governments to shun the Islamist militant group.
Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warned against what she called a “slippery slope” that could lead other nations to compromise with Hamas, whose charter calls for destruction of the Jewish state.

But Russia stood its ground and predicted other countries would sooner or later follow its lead and have contacts with Hamas. France’s foreign ministry said Russia’s invitation to Hamas “can contribute toward advancing our position”.


Despite Foreign Minister Livni’s shuttle diplomacy (first Egypt, then Condi Rice, then Bush) and strong statements of support at the time, Israel is screwed. Already the EU is not halting aid payments to the PA, now Hamas is on its way to Moscow to meet ‘Vlad the bad’ and the French are throwing a party.


You’d think after being slapped around by terrorist Chechens in Moskva, the Russians would have learned a thing or two. Supplying the ‘Mad Ahmad’ in Iran with reactors, what’s next Vlad? Shall we announce the sale of a few hundred Strela shoulder fired missiles to Islamic Jihad.. Exports are down after all.


a big fat Pootin on you…

Hey Chirac, put your nice panties on baby, vodka and terrorists and you’re invited! Talk about a mixer.

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