Follow Up: Hamas ready to party in Moscow.. Already practicing the ‘Two Step’

Ynet has the goods on exactly how Hamas views the Russians – ‘They’re the Terrorists.’


Didn’t take long for the burka to come off, reports of: The World, through Hamas’ eyes.

Seems Hamas is a big supporter of their ‘brothers in bombs’ up there in Chechnya, including handing out anti-Russian cd’s, and supporting the Global Jihad to ‘Liberate Russia’. As usual, the Arab World saying one thing for Wolf ‘I lost my balls’ Blitzer at CNN, and a whole other thing to their walking time bom.. woops… I meant Kids.,7340,L-3214119,00.html

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center document says Hamas supports Chechen rebels in battle for independence against Russian regime, considers them part of global Jihad 

Hamas posters, CDs and films depicting the group’s support for the Chechens and for global terror in general were found in the territories; Hamas even offered the Chechens its official website to prove the rebels’ suicide bombings are carried out in accordance with Islamic law.    
Moreover, the anti-Russian CDs, filled with messages preaching for hatred and terror, are being distributed by Hamas in Palestinian Authority educational institutions. The document analyzes a number of CDs that included inciting material dealing with Chechnya and were distributed in the American university in Jenin in November 2003 and in Hebron in 2004.


‘Violent message’

The document states that the terminology used by Hamas in the posters and films is Islamist-extremist in nature; Chechen terror leaders are praised while the Russian army’s conduct is described as terrorism against the Muslim population in Chechnya.


Guess who’s coming to dinner – Commander Chekov, Star Trek 6


I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some ‘celebratory’ maiming in Russia to coincide with this upcoming trip, maybe blow up some Jews to kick the Global Jihad off on the right foot, and cement the new ‘moderate’ Hamas image I’m reading about in the press. Please excuse me while I go vomit.


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