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Israel’s Foreign Ministry Euro tour: Dance routine needs work

Livni headed on tourLivni is off to meet with European leaders in order to minimize differences over Hamas, but there’s plenty of muddy water to clear on her first trip as FM.

Livni seems intent on running her Foreign Ministry differently than Silvan Shalom under Ariel Sharon, calling this “a fresh new page in Israeli European relations” (AFP).
Which would all be fine and dandy had Silvan Shalom not been entirely correct in his frequent criticisms of Europe for holding a pronounced Palestinian bias..

Who knows, maybe Livni’s ‘let’s be friends’ strategy will pan out, in any case the routine will need some work.

Mixed Messages 

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Nanny State recipe: One part Terrorist Entity, one part Quartet, mix well.

An endless barrage of articles abound about the woes the PA is facing should aid be cut as had been pledged.. Here’s some examples from the usual suspects or apologists.

BBC – Cash crisis

Then there’s US envoy James Wolfenshon of the Quartet from Jpost.

Not that it matters since the EU has confirmed generous initial funding of the PA, Hamas be damned for now.

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